Richard Krauss – Youth Pastor


Hi! I’m Richard Krauss the Minister to Students at First Baptist Church of Frederick. I’ve have had the privilege of serving here at FBC since 1998 and it is the joy of serving teenagers and their families that has kept me going. So I would like to thank you for your interest in students and this ministry. Apparently this is the part where I tell you a little bit about myself so where should I begin? Well according to Mary Poppins “the beginning is a very good place to start” so I’ll take her advice and start there.

I was born and raised in Maryland, Harford County to be exact. When I graduated from High School I decided to attend college at Carson Newman College in East Tennessee and there I began a lifelong love affair with the mountains and people of southern Appalachia. I loved the area so much that upon graduating I chose to stay at Carson Newman and serve as a Campus missionary with a program called Appalachian Outreach. We served the community be offering home repairs, food, clothing and support for “at-risk” children and families.

It was during this time I met an incredible young lady by the name of Rebecca (Becky) Hilliard. Since we served as missionaries together we were not allowed to date fortunately we found a loophole in this inconvenient rule by getting married. Becky and I have been happily married for 27 years and we have had one child, Tim. Tim has autism and obviously this has affected our lives dramatically but probably not in the ways you suspect. Raising Tim has given us a very different view of the world. This perspective has been invaluable in working with teenagers because Tim keeps no secrets and everything that happens in our family is public knowledge. Many times this has forced Becky and I to be more open and honest with teens than we would like but the teens love it.

Becky, Tim and I love using our experiences to help teenagers, parents and families face the challenges that life throws at them. We believe that a good sense of humor, a strong faith in Christ and a supportive church family are the keys to surviving this crazy world. If you would like to know more about our ministry and us please feel free to contact me at