The entire leadership of First Baptist Church, from pastors to deacons, is standing by to assist you during this difficult time.  If you need assistance of any kind, please notify:

  • The office at 301-473-8283 or email the office at
  • Pastor Larry Eubanks at

Vaccine Appointments:  Click here.

From the Frederick County Health Department:

You don’t have to face pandemic-related stress alone

Lives everywhere have been affected by COVID-19. The pandemic is not only posing significant health risks but causing enormous emotional distress as well. But there’s a way forward for anyone who’s struggling in Frederick County. On this site, you can find guidelines, tips, and resources if you’re experiencing depression, excessive alcohol or drug use, domestic trauma, or thoughts of suicide. Or you can call 2-1-1 to speak to someone. Either way, you’re not alone—help is available.  Click here:  Home – A Way Forward Together