Adult Bible Studies

Classes meet on Sundays (at 9:45 AM or 10:00 AM depending on the class) for approximately an hour.  Our Senior Adults meet at 9:40 AM for a short time of prayer, singing, and fellowship before proceeding to each individual’s class of choice.  Liz Brady is our Sunday School Superintendent.

  • Amazing Grace – Room 201.  Leader:  Janet Noffsinger.  Single folks and married couples joining together in a faith journey of love and mercy.
  • Bible Bus – Chapel (Room 217).  Leader:  Doug Dawson.  Studying the Bible cover to cover seeing Jesus throughout. Imagine yourself on a tour bus with The Bible as your window.  The leader acts as our bus driver and tour guide while the Holy Spirit teaches us.
  • Carmack Bible Class – Room 213.  Leader:  Sam Wilson.  This is a mixed age men’s class with many goals; most importantly of which involved being an interactive study that allows others to relate and learn from the life experiences of others.
  • Emmanuel Class – Room 202.  Leader:  Rae Ann Rippeon.  A group of spirit-filled servers working for the church.  We are all ages with different backgrounds; a caring group who is not afraid of voicing opinions and thoughts freely and we respect and listen to all without criticism.
  • Heaven’s Harvest – Room 204.  Leaders:  George and Susie Littrell.  Ages:  50-up-Couples, Singles; Smyth and Helwys Literature Bible Study and prayer with class member participation.  Social events in the summer and Christmas.
  • Homemakers – Room 211.  Leader:  Jim Devilbiss.  This is a senior ladies class who provide supportive, loving and Godly fellowship to each other.  Relevancy
    of biblical principles to daily life offers opportunity for spirited discussions.
  • Life Application – Room 203.  Leader:  Betsy Devilbiss.  A diverse class welcoming all who seek to apply God’s Word to their daily lives. The curriculum includes Bible book studies in addition to the study of other writing by Christians. We strive through serious study, discussion and supportive fellowship, to encourage each other to learn to live lives that are both blessed and a blessing.
  • Pastor’s Young Adults – Room 231.  Leader:  Pastor Larry Eubanks.  We are young adults (but we don’t define who is a “young adult!”) reading through the Bible. We are all in various stages of our Christian walk, learning together.  We often gather for social events and lead the Waverly clothes drive in addition to helping with local and international missions.
  • Rabbi’s Dust – Room 101.  Leaders:  Shannon and Jill McWilliams.  Rabbi’s Dust is an inter-generational class that seeks to help members find a community of friends at FBC focused on learning to follow Jesus, our Rabbi, in the here and now.  We study books of the Bible on alternating semesters with focus given to in-depth study from a historical and theological perspective.  In between Bible studies we cover a variety of topics through book studies, video courses and other topic driven materials.  We have regular get-togethers and get to know one another outside of the Sunday morning classroom.  Come join us!
  • Seekers – Room 200.  Leader:  Mike Harrington.  We help each other grow in Christian maturity through bible study and personal sharing of our daily walk with Christ.  We apply Christ’s message in today’s world.
  • The Bridge Builders – Room 207.  Leader:  Mike Smith.  Small group of Christians eager to study the Bible and share life.  The leader strives to have members sense what it would be like living in ancient times.  We also meet together for social gathering and support each other through difficult times.